(special needs)

THRIVE is our ministry for Special Needs children. Due to God's unique gifts, we work diligently to develop and customize a plan for each child with special needs. From full integration to a buddy system to full customization, we partner with parents so each child is loved and incorporated into our Summit Kids ministry in a way that is appropriate for them.  During our Worship Gathering, we have a dedicated environment for children with Special Needs and aim for a small student to staff ratio. If you have a child with special needs, we would love to hear from you by emailing Pastor Nick below.



Many families with special needs children find themselves exhausted and unable to find a reprieve.  At Pine Summit, our Selah Missional Community along with our THRIVE ministry would love to serve families with special needs by providing an opportunity for parents and caregivers a time of rest, or 'respite'.  Our trained servants will enjoy the privilege of providing a time of enjoyment for children with disabilities and their siblings so that parents can rest well. There is no cost to attend, however preregistration is required so that we can ensure we have enough servants.  For more information, contact Christi McDonald at (850) 377-0018.