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Missional Community


A person who leads a diverse group of disciples to be a family of missionary servants who are disciples who make disciples.

While continuing to faithfully display the characteristics of a disciple and lead a DNA, a Missional Community Leader should be able to fulfill these further personal qualities.
Leadership Responsibility
The primary leadership responsibility for a MC Leader is to lead a group.
Ministerial Responsibility
To lead a diverse group of disciples to be a family of missionary servants who are disciples who make disciples. 
To know basic doctrines, practices, spiritual disciplines, and exhibit the fruit of the Spirit while leading others
Articulates and implements vision for the MC.
Leads others to unite around and execute discipleship strategy.
Works THROUGH Others.
People Development
While maintaining personal willingness to be developed, the MC Leader develops a family of missionary servants who are disciples to make disciples while living out their identities through their rhythms 
Primary skill to be trained is one of inspiration.  By God's grace and His indwelling spirit, to inspire and lead others to be disciples.
Scripture Focus
We select the book of Ephesians for an MC Leader because of it's focus on the church.
To be a faithful steward of their personal giftedness while stewarding the gift of a diverse group of people to fulfill the particular mission God reveals to them.

7 Core Competencies

Knowledge - Mindset of Leader                                Designed to Lead

Skills - Expertise to be Cultivated                              Building a Discipleship Culture

Character - Qualities to be Displayed                       Everyday Church

Emotional Health - Respond to Relationships           Boundaries for Leaders

Vocational Health - Work as Ministry                         Work Matters

Spiritual Health - Understanding of Gospel              Knowing God

Biblical Health - Growing in the Word                       Ephesians

The Book of Ephesians

Reading Plan

  • 1:1-14

  • 1:15-23

  • 2:1-10

  • 2:11-22

  • 3:1-13

  • 3:14-21

  • 4:1-6

  • 4:7-16

  • 4:17-24

  • 4:25-32

  • 5:1-5

  • 5:6-14

  • 5:15-21

  • 5:22-33

  • 6:1-4

  • 6:5-9

  • 6:10-17

  • 6:18-24

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