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A person who Worship's Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, obey's Jesus and teaches others to do the same.

Leadership Responsibility
The primary leadership responsibility for a disciple is to lead themselves.  We believe that every person that comes to believe is saved individually, yet saved individually into a body.  Therefore, before we are able to lead others in discipleship we have to be able to lead ourselves.
Ministerial Responsibility
To Worship Jesus, be changed by Jesus, obey Jesus, and teach others to do the same.
To know the Gospel and take personal responsibility for development.
Supports Vision of Missional Community and Congregation.
Serves personally through DNA, Missional Community, and the Gathering
Works WITH Others.
People Development
Displays willingness to be developed.
Primary skill to be trained is one of execution.  By God's grace and His indwelling spirit, to display the ability to respond in ways that are consistent with bearing fruit in keeping with repentance.
Scripture Focus
We select the Gospel of John as a foundational study for a new believer because of it's focus on the person and work of Jesus in a gospel centered genre.
To be a faithful steward of their personal giftedness of their time, talents, and treasures.

Join us as we tell our story and share more about who we are as a faith family and what we believe God is calling us to accomplish.

A journey devoted to learning the fundamentals of missional community life .

In addition to our Statements of faith, practice, and covenant, The Baptist Faith and Message of the Southern Baptist Convention provides our faith family with a core set of doctrinal beliefs.

Our REAP Guide is a simple easy to use guide for engaging the scriptures as we read, examine, apply, and pray.

The Gospel of John

Reading Plan

  • 1:1-28

  • 1:29-51

  • 2:1-25

  • 3:1-21

  • 3:22-36

  • 4:1-42

  • 4:43-54

  • 5:1-29

  • 5:30-47

  • 6:1-21

  • 6:22-59

  • 6:60-71

  • 7:1-31

  • 7:32-53

  • 8:1-30

  • 8:31-59

  • 9:1-41

  • 10:1-21

  • 10:22-42

  • 11:1-27

  • 11:28-57

  • 12:1-26

  • 12:27-50

  • 13:1-20

  • 13:21-38

  • 14:1-14

  • 14:15-31

  • 15:1-17

  • 15:18-27

  • 16:1-15

  • 16:16-33

  • 17:1-26

  • 18:1-24

  • 18:25-40

  • 19:1-27

  • 19:28-42

  • 20:1-18

  • 20:19-30

  • 21:1-14

  • 21:15-25

7 Core Competencies

Knowledge - Mindset of Leader                               The Explicit Gospel

Skills - Expertise to be Cultivated                             Read the Bible for Life

Character - Qualities to be Displayed                       Humilitas

Emotional Health - Respond to Relationships           

Vocational Health - Work as Ministry                         Every Good Endeavor

Spiritual Health - Understanding of Gospel              Gospel Fluency

Biblical Health - Growing in the Word                       Gospel of John

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